Jieh Hsiang

Name Affiliation Country
Jieh Hsiang Research Center for Digital Humanities of the National Taiwan University Taiwan 
Jieh Hsiang is a Distinguished Professor in Computer Science and the founder and director of the Research Center for Digital Humanities of the National Taiwan University.  While his earlier research had mainly been on automated reasoning, especially on term rewriting systems, he has been working on digital libraries and archives since 1996.   In recent years his main research emphasis has been on digital humanities, with a focus on developed information technologies for historical research.  In this capacity he has built over 30 large scale digital libraries of Chinese historical materials and more than 20 analytic and visualization tools for specific domains of interest.  All the systems are based on a new search and analysis methodology designed for research use of digital archives.
Jieh Hsiang is also a Research Fellow of the Institute for Information Sciences of the Academia Sinica, a Research Fellow of the Advanced Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences of NTU, and the Director of NTU Press.  He has received a number of research awards including a Test-of-Time award from IEEE.  He has authored over 150 research papers and several books, including 5 books on Digital Humanities that he edited/authored recently.  Before returning to Taiwan in 1993, he was a full professor in Computer Science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.