Liu, Yiqun

Name Affiliation Country
Yiqun Liu Department of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University China
Yiqun Liu received his B.S. and Ph. D degrees in Tsinghua University in 2003 and 2007, separately. He is now working as associate professor at the Department of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University. His major research interests is in Web Search, Information Retrieval, User Behavior Analysis, and Natural Language Processing. He is also a Principle Investigator (PI) of a joint Center (named NExT) between National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University to develop technologies for live media search. He serves in the editorial board of the Information Retrieval Journal (Springer) and also as program committee members of a number of important international academic conferences including SIGIR, WWW, ACL and WSDM. He is the coordinator for the NTCIR (NII Testbeds and Community for Information access Research) INTENT and IMine tasks since 2011. More details are available at .